Dr. Len Ciuffreda

Remarkable Grins


"Steve is an absolute credit to his profession and I most highly recommend him and his team without reservation. He is a man of integrity in whom I completely place my trust. We have a wonderful working relationship, and I can always count on Steve & his staff to keep everything in line and on time for me. His advice, support, and encouragement over the years has been invaluable and sincerely appreciated. I am most fortunate to have Steve as my accountant, and privileged to call him a friend."

October 30, 2014

Geri Oliverie

Manager at Oliverie Funeral Home
"I have known and used Steve as my accountant for my funeral home for 18 years now. If he wasn't the best I would have changed a long time ago. He is meticulous with every aspect of my business. He has a very high integrity bar, that lets me sleep at night. I never worry about or wonder if I will be audited. He makes many helpful suggestions that help me stay focused and profitable. I have and continue to recommend him to many of my colleagues, who now engage him and love him. His office and staff are very professional and know every customer by name. Tax time for me is never a burdensome or hateful time for me. It is another day, Thanks to Steve!"
– August 26, 2010


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